If a customer does not renew their domain before the expiration date, the domain registration is subject to deletion at any time. To offer a better service and avoid permanent deletion of your domain registration (s), we can but are not obliged to provide our clients with a "grace period" after the domain's expiration date. (s). The "grace period" begins the day after the expiration date; by default, the grace period will be 5 days.


We offer a grace period that extends from 1 to 30 days after the expiration date, depending on the type of cctld or gtld contracted. During this period, the client can renew the domain registration; however, the grace period is not guaranteed and can change or be eliminated at any time without prior notice; additionally, once the expiration period has passed, extra costs of recovery of the domain; therefore, each client who wishes to renew their domain registration services must do so before the expiration date to avoid permanent removal of the service.


If a client wishes to transfer their domain and their domain registration is expired and is not renewed during the "grace period" provided by us, the client will not be able to carry out the direct or indirect transfer process until the corresponding debt is covered. the renewal of the service. Once this debt has been covered, it is the customer's obligation to notify edomains.com by the means that we have made available to her of the intention to transfer her domain.


If a domain registration has passed its expiration date and the "grace period," edomains.com will proceed with the deletion of the domain registration the day after the "grace period" ends. This period is known as the "redemption period" is valid for 5 days counted from the day after the "grace period" has ended. The client must contact suempresa.com in case she intends to recover her domain registration, which will apply if, and only if, the corresponding penalty is covered, in addition to complying with the debt corresponding to the renewal. This recovery period is not guaranteed; for this reason, customers must renew their domain registration services before their expiration to avoid the elimination of domain registration services.


If the domain registration is not recovered during the "redemption period," it will be placed in the status of "pending delete" for five more days. After this date, the domain is available for registration again.

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